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Piel de Luna Llena

Kiko Clown founded “Piel de Luna Llena” (Association for Street Children in Peru) in 2000, this association aims to promote the self-development of people in Peruvian society through art, education and sport. You are welcome to contact us at any time for any questions on the subject:

Enrique Saenz Tel./Fax: 0041 78 832 56 58

DONATION: UBS CH-8098 Zurich

Account no.CH 63 0020 6206 DP12 3623 3

Account Postal: 80-2-2 i


  • Children and adolescents allow children to stay, despite their status as workers.

  • Develop movement, talent and self-esteem through art and sport.

  • Promotion of children's rights and democratic education. Children have a place in society.

  • Raising public awareness that art and sport is an important part of children's development.

  • Development of a methodological proposal for a creative school in a region. This project should be feasible in the long term and also feasible anywhere else.

Cajamarca – Corazón

The “Cajamarca - Corazón” project dates from 2002 as part of an agreement with MANTHOC - Cajamarca (movement of young children and children of workers)

Piel de luna llena is the main beneficiary of children and adolescents, based on four courses: theater, music, reading and sports.

Cerro Azul

Cerro Azul project: “Surfboard for everyone”

Create sports equipment provided that the boys and teenagers contribute to the cleaning of their beach.

Build a surf school with a competitive team.

A video club was founded. Nature and educational films are shown weekly.

We ask all surfers who have old equipment (boards, wet suits, T-shirts, etc.) to contact us. In favor of our project in Cerro Azul Peru with street children. Thank you..

Telephone: 0041 78 832 56 58

If you would like more about Cerro Azul, visit us at:

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