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offers a suitable presentation for large events and trade fairs. Daily program with various entertainment options such as stage program, music, giant soap bubbles, games, fairy tales and balloons. My stage mobile, a soap bubbles and balloon machine like to be on the go.

Children’s  Show

For children, we have got a unique and unforgettable programme with plenty of music, colours, juggling acts, puppets, balloons, funny scenes and, above all, the personal experience gained with the fantasies of theatre.

Ideal for schools, kindergartens and birthdays, etc...

Dr. Clown

Kiko has been performing the role of “Dr Clown” on behalf of Foundation Theodora since 1994 and has been working in various hospitals in Zurich (Balgrist University Hospital and Sanitas Hospital), Chur and Winterthur (Cantonal Hospitals), Lugano (Municipal Hospital), and Mendrisio (Beata Virgine Hospital).
Kiko was a member of the training team for the new Clown Doctors in Switzerland, Italy and Spain.


Kiko offers beautiful balloons shaped in a lot of different varieties (animals, flowers, etc...) for parties and other events.

Kiko offers you a special price if you order the balloons together with the Kikoclown show.

Soap Bubbles



Poetry and colours with soap bubbles.

Let your kids enjoy the colourful world with bubble soaps.


From Romeo and Juliet to the Andes Mountains and modern stories. In all the languages. 
Stories for Children, adults and the whole family.

Kiko Gala Show

also offers a special programme for adults that is ideal for
companies, birthdays, weddings and other kinds of activities or events.

his is a highly diversified programme including humour, music and, above all, the personal experience of the fantasies of theatre.
This programme can be adapted to any kind of parties, events or activities.

Kiko courses


The human body is full of musical possibilities that can be promoted to make music and various rhythms.

The aim of the course is to awaken creativity and the joy of making music.

In the course we will recognize, practice and organize these possibilities in a playful way to achieve simple, natural musicality that can be used by everyone.

Sounds, drums on the body as well as rhythmic beats and small simple instruments are the elements of our work.

Pedagogically used, individually or in a group, the musical possibilities are endless and varied.

Knowledge of music theory is not absolutely necessary, but can be useful and helpful.


Joy and enthusiasm to make music.

Small percussion instruments, material you already use, special objects that make special noises.

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