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Welcome to my world, a world full of happiness, magic and joy ! Just laughing with me is not what it is about, but rather about enjoying the poetic atmosphere which I create in my shows.
I offer you humour, music and total enjoyment with performances for all types of public, children and grown-ups, men and women, birthdays and surprise events, farewells and anniversaries, weddings and opening ceremonies, performances for the Swiss and the Latin Americans and much more.

For children, we have got a unique and unforgettable programme with plenty of music, colours, juggling acts, puppets, balloons, funny scenes and, above all, the personal experience gained with the fantasies of theatre.

Ideal for schools, kindergartens and birthdays, etc...


also offers a special programme for adults that is ideal for
companies, birthdays, weddings and other kinds of activities or events.

his is a highly diversified programme including humour, music and, above all, the personal experience of the fantasies of theatre.
This programme can be adapted to any kind of parties, events or activities.

Kiko Kurse & Projekte

The human body is full of musical possibilities that can be promoted to make music and various rhythms. The aim of the course is to awaken the creativity and the joy of making music ......

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